February Newsletter from the Tebbes

Gary & Amelia Tebbe are missionaries to Peru that we support here at Living Water Fellowship Denver.  This is their most recent newsletter.

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Yesterday, we said our farewells to fourteen visitors from four churches in three states who served here for two weeks.  The Living Water Denver Team blessed us with gifts of musical instruments (hallelujah!), laptop computers (hurrah!) and lots of hard work (hurray!).  That work involved quite a bit of blood, sweat and tears. (For the record, this group has left more blood on Peruvian soil than any other volunteer team yet.)

Their original plan was to lay the foundation for our school. Once again, complications hindered starting the building project.  As it now stands, we hope to start construction in early summer.

peru crew 12peru crew

The delay may have been providential, however.  Instead of pouring cement for our school, the team was able to do a makeover for the orphanage where several of our students live.  They painted bare concrete walls, sealed a leaky roof, installed a shower, fixed a sink, tiled a bathroom, built a door, and landscaped a backyard that was a junkyard.

The girls from the home were ecstatic about the new shower more than anything else. They previously only had one bathroom for 10 girls. When they finished, Lucila the housemother, was in tears with gratitude.

We trust that God orders our stops as well as our steps.

The short-term visitors were joined by two new long-term volunteers.  Last month, Brian and Michael, graduates of Calvary Commission Bible College, began their one year practicum with us.  These guys have a heart for God, a zeal to share Christ and readiness to serve others. Currently, they are both learning Spanish and helping in the church.
michael 3

They hope to use their construction skills in building the school and in ministry.   The Denver Team unexpectedly blessed Brian with a welding machine.  He is a welder and hopes to teach boys and men here this valuable skill.  I’ve always thought that “Men’s Ministry” should involve blood, sweat, tears and power tools.

Finally, Amelia, the boys and I are planning on our annual pilgrimage to a Far Country in the North.  On March 11 we arrive in in Lindale, Texas where we will be based until May.  We hope to travel and visit as many friends, family and churches as possible during that time.  As I told the group from Denver, San Antonio and Minnesota, “We are coming to a city near you.”

A word about our time in the States: In the old days, furlough happened about once every five years and lasted a year. For us, it happens once a year and lasts two months.  While our visits are more frequent, the period to accomplish things is much more fleeting.  Basically, we have to get more done in less time.  We need your help to get it done. Can you make time to meet us and help us share our vision with others?

Traditionally, the three goals of furlough are to rest, reconnect and raise support.  While travel is not particularly restful for us, we do get some wonderfully refreshing times at our mission.

michael 2

Amelia, Ben, Bracy and I cherish friendships more than anything in the world.  However, friendships take time. In Peru we spend a lot of time talking with folks.  Yet time seems to be the scarcest commodity in 21st century America. We treasure our time together with you.

Finally, we are trying to raise support.  What we accomplish in Peru depends on lots of people standing beside us and laboring with us. Our little family here is really an extension of a larger family there.  I am continually amazed at what a handful of people networking together have been able to do here in these few, short years.

And the best is yet to come.  Here are a few of our current projects
• Raise funds to finish the first stage of the School Building (Cost: US$27,000)
• Raise funds for a new scholarship plan for college and technical school for our graduates (Cost: varies US $100- $350 /month).
• Raise funds to hire three more Peruvian Christian teachers for the Christian School of the Andes (Cost: US$400/ month per teacher)

Now, we trust that “God will provide for his work his way.”  From our experience, God’s way usually involves a lot of hard work on our part and generous giving on the part of others.  You have all blessed us so much by giving wholeheartedly in the past.  You can help us by continued generosity and by connecting us with others who would invest in Peru.

This ministry is very much an investment. Three years ago, one of our students was suicidal. Today she is praying to decide which college she should attend.  That kind of testimony gives me the courage to ask you to give and help us find others who will share the joy of giving to change lives.

Thank you for standing with us,
                                            Gary, Amelia, Benjamin and Bracy.

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Thank you!